Remembering Mason

My beautiful baby boy playing peek a boo amongst the stars



So why am I on the world wide web?..No I am not another wannabe bloggist, fashionista, gluten free, dairy free, carb free, liquid free teen foodie putting up recipes, testing out methods to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner or boasting about new makeup hauls….I’m just someone who wants to get my thoughts out reach help…but most of all to remember….Because a really really shitty thing happened to me, my husband, our families and friends. Well there is no word for it. Not one word could ever describe it.

I simply lost my first child, my beautiful baby boy 6 days after delivery.

My fat little gnocchi baby with a cute button nose and luscious lips.

While my memories are still fresh, I want to make sure I remember every precious memory before it becomes a blur. I want to be able to look back and remember every single memory with Mason. I want to let other mothers know they are not alone. I want to help mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, your cousin Fred, everyone and anyone to be able to talk about their babies whether they are earthside or living amongst the stars. So this is my diary, my thoughts, my experiences, my grieving and my living, with my main single aim…

Remembering Mason.

Because I never want to forget my life with Mason, my first born, my son, my baby, my reason for living. I want to honor his name, I want everyone to meet him and acknowledge that Mason was born, lived and will continue to live


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Love & Kisses, Mason’s mummy XoX