Who the hell am I?

I am Mason’s mummy.

My name is Giselle, Giz to my nearest and dearest….I know saahh attractive. I am 30 years young and have been married to my best friend Andy Leigh (whom I call Saunders) for over a year and a half now. We have been putting up with each other for nearly ten years….poor kid.

From a family of five, I have two loving, supportive and hilarious parents, a younger sister and a younger brother. We are all very close and I am blessed to have such amazing people in my life.

I am loud, confident, energetic, crazy, weird, funny… I like to think I am quite hilarious…(did I mention confident?) half Aussie, half Filo…or what I like to call myself a bit of a fruit salad human being.

I enjoy gaming (total computer, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo DS nerd), reading, fashion, fitness – especially running, muaythai and boxing or anything with high intensity cardio really. I really do love to sweat. I do not eat veggies, never have and I don’t think I ever will…I mean you can’t make friends with salad. Lettuce looks like grass, broccoli looks like small trees, carrots…why are they so orange…thats not right….so I’ll pass thanks. Ok sorry.. wait, I do eat A VEGETABLE….I am a massive gnocchi connoisseur.

Andy and I live in Melbourne and have one fabulous black British Shorthair cat called Manu. His CV includes Modelling -Socialite -Fashionmista -Lover of chicken crinkle chips -Catwalk king – Hanging upside down.

Here is a picture of the little sex monster and I…

Cute isn’t he. And has a weirdo personality to match.

So why am I on the world wide web?..No I am not another wannabe bloggist, fashionista, gluten free, dairy free, carb free, liquid free teen foodie putting up recipes….I’m just someone who wants to vent..to get my thoughts out there..to reach out..to help…but most of all to remember….Because a really really shitty thing happened to me, my husband, our families and friends. Well there is no word for it. Not one word could ever describe it.

I simply lost my first child, my beautiful baby boy Mason 6 days after delivery.


My husband is robbed of his first child and son, our parents are robbed of their first grandson, our brothers and sisters are robbed of their nephew and the world was robbed of the most beautiful baby boy to ever have graced this earth, with his big juicy lips, perfectly sculpted button nose (and when I say perfect, I mean PERFECT, to the point his little nose holes are perfectly symmetrical, identical and look like little upside down pyramids of Egypt. Saunders and I could not believe how perfect Mason’s little nose holes are and we are still in awe, as was everyone else that came across them!) and those fat, squishy hands and feet. Come on, who doesn’t love babies feet and hands, how tiny and perfect they are,  every detail, every wrinkle and fine line, ready to grab hold and make footprints in this world. Ugh…Even though I was blessed with only 6 days earth side with Mason, even though he never moved, never cried, never opened his eyes for me, I could go on and on and on and on and on and on about him. My pride and joy.

My fat little gnocchi baby.



This is my method of grieving, writing helps me get it off my heavy achy chest. While my memories are still fresh, I want to make sure I remember every precious memory before it becomes a blur. I want to be able to look back and remember every single memory with Mason. I want to let other mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, ya neighbour know they are not alone. I want everyone to know its ok to talk about their babies whether they are earthside or living amongst the stars.

So this is my diary, my thoughts, my experiences, my grieving and my living, with my main single aim…

Remembering Mason.

Because I never want to forget my life with Mason, my first born, my son, my baby, my reason for living. I want to honor his name, I want everyone to meet him and acknowledge that Mason was born, lived and will continue to live




One thought on “Who the hell am I?

  1. Giz you are beyond incredible. This is truly you bearing you’re all and my gosh you are nothing short of amazing. I love you and your divine Mason is one proud son I’m sure xxxxxxx

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