Back 2 work

I am writing this post on 13 December 2017. 5 months since my Mason was born. At work, about returning to work. Happy 5 months my beautiful baby boy. 2 October 2017. 2 months and 13 days. 75 days since Mason passed away in my arms and I was heading off to work. Saunders was relieved … More Back 2 work

Dougie Days

Our GP is a lovely, kind, straight to the point, no bullshit kind of guy. While I was pregnant, I had some bad pregnancy insomnia. I would go in stressed and anxious that I hadn’t slept. He pretty much told me that lack of sleep won’t kill me and that I can just get on … More Dougie Days

Double whammy

And the world keeps going. Nothing stops. I still had to do the groceries, go to the post office, go shopping, get a hair cut. I would be out in public thinking do they know? Does my face show that I had lost a baby? Why wont they ask me? Why has everyone slowly stopped … More Double whammy

The house looks like a baby lives here but where’s the baby?

Mornings and nights are the toughest. It’s when the world feels like it has stopped for you. Finally it stops. Finally it grieves for you and acknowledges that you have lost your baby. The night time silence is ear piercing. Deafening. You toss and turn all night. I still have to sleep with the pillows … More The house looks like a baby lives here but where’s the baby?